The role – and power – of the medical community regarding worldwide terror

Sri Lanka, Christchurch, Aleppo – only three of nearly 50 terror attacks that happened so far in 2019. Some reached the media, most don't. The face of terror is ubiquitous and has many names, e.g. IS, Taliban, Al Qaida, Boko Haram. It is – unfortunately – a new reality everyone has to deal with. Health professionals are often the first to handle the consequences of terrorist attacks. Joshua Shemer and Yehuda Shoenfeld, two israelic clinicians, bring together pragmatic knowledge, useful guidance and practical experience for this group to this topic in their book "Terror and Medicine".

Instead of investing in the promotion of health, the eradication of disease and the utilization of sophisticated medical technology for the benefit of people throughout the world, we are forced to dedicate billions in monetary terms as well as untold human efforts to counteract the plots of terror. The medical community of the world has a major role to play in the primary prevention of terror, destroying its rules throughout the world and minimizing the damages.


The experts from Israel are sure: This new reality of daily terror must be handled by all members of the world community. Every nation in the world must be prepared for terror by establishing an infrastructure of the medical community to face non-conventional and conventional terror attacks. Medical expertise must be prepared for the unthinkable, drilled for the unexpected, and continually learn from prior experience.


Their book brings together Israeli experts in all fields of medicine dealing with the preparations for and treatment of the victims of unscrupulous terror attacks. They have cooperated in an endeavor to share their experience and inform, guide and help others who may face this abomination.

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